IPP (Independent Power Purchasing) is a food procurement company operating nationwide. I updated their branding and completely redesigned their website including the addition of a blog.

The Problem/Challenge

IPPs website was out of date and didn’t efficiently tell their potential members what IPP did. I needed to design a modern and professional looking website to encourage new members and inform website visitors who IPP were.

The Process

I started by researching the procurement industry and finding out what IPPs competitors had included in their websites. Once I had a better understanding of the industry I worked with IPPs owner Andy Bayliss to update their values and mission statement, this drove the development of the site.

Once we had the values and mission statement I started to work on a logo re-design, however Andy didn’t want too drastic of a change so I left the logo almost as it was and worked instead on branding to accompany the logo. Once I had found a combination to represent the brand values I was given approval to continue with creating the website content with the help of Andy.

Once all the website content was created I started to work on other branding materials to support the company such as letterheads, creating a mailing list and newsletters, and a blog which I wrote a few articles for. I also created a careers section of the website so that any vacancies can be posted and potential employees can make an application.

The Results

IPP now has a comprehensive brand identity which can be seen across their social media, customer communications and website. Their website shows potential members what they can expect from IPP and who IPP are.
A screen capture showing how IPP's website looks on a desktop.
A screen capture showing how IPP's website looks on a tablet.
A screen capture showing how IPP's website looks on a mobile device.
Info Pack
I worked with IPP to create an information pack that they could send digitally to new or potential clients.
A mock-up of an information pack
(Mock-up photoshop file from freepik.com)
Letterhead and Business Card Design
Letterhead & Business Card Mock-up
(Mock-up photoshop file from freepik.com)
Email Newsletter
I created many templates for IPPs email campaigns that were sent out to customers.
A mock-up showing one of the email newsletters I created for IPP

What They Think

You made it so simple. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with. What a transformation

-Andy B

(Owner - IPP)

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